You Are Not Special… That’s Why You Are Broke

NEWS FLASH: You are not special; I don’t care what your momma told you!

That’s one of the reasons why you are broke right now, because you are not special, and the other reason is, no one knows you exist, you lack visibility! If you were in the military your name would be General Invisible, a No Star general because you lack a special skill and visibility! In this article I am going to build a case, as to why being SPECIAL is not only necessary, but it is profitable!

If someone asks you, “What is it that makes you special?” or “What do you do so well that I should be using your services?” and you can’t think of anything … “HOUSTON…We have a problem”

And a BIG PROBLEM I MIGHT ADD, but this is the reality of most entrepreneurs and small businesses, nothing about them is special, nothing to hang your hat, as your claim to fame!

When given a choice, people want to deal with EXPERTS or SPECIALISTS … point blank! They do not want to deal with generalist for high ticket or critical transactions. Think of it like this, if you break a bone in your foot, you sure as heck don’t want the general practitioner performing your surgery; you know the one that was treating your sore throat last month. NO! You want a podiatrist working on you, a doctor that SPECIALIZES in foot problems.

This same concept holds true when it comes to your chosen field of income production, people want the experts in your field. It’s hard to win and dominate if you don’t specialize!

Specialization is one of the fastest ways to begin the process of boosting your visibility, and helping you stand out in a crowded sea of competitors.

When you specialize you:

  • Make a name for yourself
  • Increase your visibility
  • Raise your profile and opportunities begin seeking YOU out!
  • Become memorable
  • Command higher fees

Specialization also helps you build your business through word of mouth referrals. When a past client hears of a situation that someone else is having, and you have positioned yourself to be memorable and  the expert through your marketing and actual delivery of services, then you are easily recommended because of your past clients experience with you. This is yet another benefit of specialization.

Why do I emphasize specialization so much? Specialization helps in the conversion process! My past experiences have shown me, that a business/entrepreneur needs to

  1. Be an Expert in something (Specialize)
  2. Follow up and convert leads into sales!
  3. Know your numbers! How much is a new client worth(life time value) will determine how much you can spend to acquire one
  4. Be able to deliver an EXPERIENCE for your clients

When I turn on the Profit Pipeline and you don’t have these 4 superpowers, you aren’t going to win. The increased visibility and positioning in the marketplace will cause you to have new opportunities for new business.

However, here is the problem. You get a boat load of new leads, and your phone is ringing off the hook! The people interview you, but nothing about you stands out, there is no clear advantage in doing business with you, so they don’t hire you for the job. When you don’t get hired, you don’t make any money. When you don’t make any money, you start cutting back on your marketing, because you no longer have the money. You get frustrated; the first thing that gets cut is… the marketing agency. Your inability to convert the leads will have you say things like, they sent me bad/cold leads or their services don’t work, but in reality, it was your inability to follow up and convert. All because there was nothing special about you that made the potential client comfortable enough to engage your services. This is why specialization is SO important!

Every time I take on a new client, I put my reputation on the line as the expert that they NEED, because truth be told, their peace of mind is on the line, their way of life is on the line, the resources to feed their family are on the line. I don’t take this lightly. That is why I stress specialization so much!

If you want some more tips and strategies to help you become special, and start attracting the business you deserve from the clientele that you desire… register for our upcoming webinar “Positioned2Profit”

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