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Here at Local Market Authority we firmly believe that ALL Businesses need a strategy to be successful. Therefore all of our offerings require in depth discussion and discovery sessions.

Strategic Planning

EVERY winning team has a successful game plan, that allows them to win. Your business is NO DIFFERENT treat you business with the same care and attention that championship owners do when they hire Hall Of Fame consultants

Online Visibility

This is the strategic process of getting you and/or your business to DOMINATE GOOGLE search results for Local keywords that pertain to your product or service offerings in your Local area!

Lead Generation

Facebook is a GOLDMINE for Small Businesses … your ideal client is absolutely on Facebook. We craft a dominating strategy to get your message or product in front of them so they respond and start the sales process

“Working with Fitzgerald and his team have helped me gain clarity on my service offerings, now we are no longer aiming at a random target we know EXACTLY who we serve”. A. Richardson  CEO, Chameleon Management Group

Who We Are:

We are a Boutique Marketing Company located in Clinton, MD.
We specialize in 4 areas:
1-Strategic Planning & Consulting
2-Online Visibility
3-Lead Generation
4-Business Development
We are dedicated to helping those that have a message, mission, product or service become visible and memorable in the marketplace and make more money! You were built to THRIVE! Not just survive, and we are here to make that happen!

Our Ideal Client:

YOU understand the importance of marketing, and how it contributes to your overall success.
-You need a road-map to sustainable success, and you recognize that it is a process
-You need increased visibility
-You have the skill and competence to convert leads into customers (MUST BE ABLE TO CLOSE) -YOU MUST have at least a monthly budget of $1500 to invest in your marketing. 

Our Vision

is to create a world where ALL small businesses succeed, and keep their doors open for more than 5 years, thus helping stimulate the American economy

Our Mission

to serve and assist 1 million businesses less than 5 yrs old get past hurdles and roadblocks that customarily derail new companies and cause them to close their doors.


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